Set List from Boston Secular Solstice 2015

A few people have asked for the list of songs and readings performed at last week’s Secular Solstice. Here they are, with authorship information and links.

This set list was compiled by me, Chelsea Voss, James Babcock, Jeff Kaufman, and Julia Wise. Raymond Arnold, the creator of Secular Solstice, advised us throughout the process, and the program follows the traditional six-part Secular Solstice arc. The event itself was last Friday, December 11, at the MIT Chapel. Jeff, Chelsea, and Demetri Sampas provided piano accompaniment; Julia led the majority of the songs, with various others also leading songs and performing readings. The total duration of the Solstice was a little under two hours.

This post will be updated when the the text of the Moment of Darkness speech has been published online.







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